Our Company - Tselios Bagno


In 1972 the founder of our company, Tselios Ioannis, opened his first store in Byronos Street with sanitary and plumbing products. His aim was to supply the market with innovative materials, such as the first enamel tiles for flooring with dimensions 15×15 and 20×20 from factories such as ceramica Imola and ceramica Ranio, and the first copper pipes for water supply from the Viohalco factory.


In 1975, with the establishment of the general partnership, our company moved to a two-storey shop in Skeyou Zervou Street. At the same time, the cooperation with Pozzi, a giant in sanitary ware, is started, which one year later is renamed Pozzi Ginory, and the cooperation will continue until 2010.


1990 marks the next generation of our company, with the new store in Rhodes Lindos. The inauguration was completed with great success and the arrival of many of our friends, partners and customers. In the new store new partnerships were presented such as ceramica Santagostino tiles and Hansa batteries.


In 2004, the store was expanded and the building was radically renovated, with the architectural office of Mr. Kostas Konstantinidis creating a pioneering design and covering the building with tiles.


We are now heading into the new era with the third generation in our company. Aiming for "quality at the best price", the people of the company are constantly updated on new materials, new trends in modern design and fashion that improve and make the lifestyle more enjoyable. Thus they are able to inform and collaborate with you to always achieve the best possible result.